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Penny's Flight

Donald Robertson's "Penny's Flight"

Donald Robertson's "Penny's Flight"

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Dimensions: 26" x 20.35" unframed

At the age of nine years old, Penny was introduced to Donald Robertson’s whimsical artwork. She was immediately drawn to his wildly colorful paintings, his sense of fun and humor when drawing everything from the fashion crowd to wild animals to French fries. Donald’s artwork is packed with Joy and that made an impression on Penny.

When the opportunity came to meet Donald in person, she took some of her paintings - as well as some recreations she had done of his work - to show him in NYC. Donald immediately wrapped Penny up in his signature gaffer tape and threatened to "call the cops" because her "paintings were TOO good"! When they stopped laughing, they had some time to paint together and talk about their lives. Donald encouraged her to keep painting and to stay endlessly creative. Which is exactly what she did. 

After hearing Penny had passed, Donald only needed a few key words (the beach, butterflies, joy) to give us this painting in her honor. 

We in turn, want to share "Penny’s Flight" as a tribute to her bright and beautiful life and to the joy she will forever spread to others.

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